I totally just discovered this solution on my own by digging through the app bundle. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. But yes, this is the problem. Right now I can confirm that my controller a PDP Afterglow controller shows up as a standard USB HID peripheral and the tattibogl driver grabs it and makes it into a standard controller available for games to use. Big Picture is part of Steam, you launch it with the big button in the upper right of the steam window. Seriously just saw your comment after I had successfully used the gamepad for the first time in game. Lobovski View Profile View Posts.

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I have the same problem with a wired controller and i’m on windows Hi guy, I’m really hoping you can help me, I’m using a Rock Candy Xbox wired controller and am having the problem that it doesn’t detect the controller. Interestingly, my gamepad works in the horl picture mode, but only not in The Cave.

Using Afterglow and never had a problem: Configure your controller in Big Picture, make sure everything works there 2. But I don’t have the given configuration in the config.

On the mac, only genuine XBox and PS3 controllers do that out of the box. Start a New Discussion. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.


SDL2 see’s it as a Joystick but won’t let it be a true ‘Gamecontroller’ until it knows the proper button mapping. Double Fine added a couple of mappings for Logitech controllers but not much beyond these basic profiles. Thanks for posting this!

Will the PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3 arcade stick work in Windows Vista?

It will recognize that the controller is already in there and avoid creating a duplicate entry. I wrote up a script to do this on a Mac.

Nate, you are a good guy. If you mqc it works on you computer i.

I would first check out the Gamepad Companion, after that if it isn’t workin try another controller? I was having the same issue with a Logitech F on Linux and this fixed if for me.

So, this file might get wiped back to the original with an update or if Steam decides to check the game for you.

I’m going to post about this over in the Double Fine Horri and see if they can help. This is easy to fix: Just a quick note that I updated the script so that it will now be happy if you change your bindings in Steam big picture. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. The Cave Store Page. Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean.

Controller not working at all [Mac] :: The Cave General Discussions

That’s been my experience anyways. Thanks for the reply! My one caution is that hpri you do a integrity check of the game files in Steam it will detect the change and re-download this file erasing your change. I just moved heaven and earth aka, debugged the source for tattiebogl’s xbox driver so my PDP Afterglow controller would work only to find that The Cave is not recognizing it for some reason.


So I’m using a Rock Candy Xbox wired controller, and had to patch the driver using the patch [here] http: Last edited by olliebrown ; Jan 27, 9: I’ve tried adding the new list with more controllers etc but nothing I seem to do works.

But yes, this is the problem. Jan 25, 9: Big Picture is part of Steam, you launch it with the big button in the upper right of the steam window.

My controller works with Steam under ‘Big Picture’ mode very sweet but The Cave does not respond to it at all.