To me 5ft is the most important range. I saw where Odyssey made a huge investment to get their EXO putters to sound like the popular white hot insert because so many tour players wanted to judge their hits by sound and felt it improved perception and sensory feedback. Interesting the only distance that more expensive putters in test are better than the cheaper ones is at 20 feet. There is always some subjectivity in the testers themselves. Tony, you guys are in my wavelength on the top selections on this one! Think that would be pretty interesting as they are fairly similar in concept.

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Anyone on the board play it before. Perhaps, I am bias, when it comes to putters and wedges I felt no well-known brands can stack-up to small Japanese manufacturers in the numbers, materials used, the meticulous precision and care in the manufacturing processes, and feel of their hand-crafted products.

The Best Blade Putters |

Our mission is ConsumerFirst. The total number of putts required to finish glofspy hole with each putter is recorded. They are only selling them on line so no expert fitting! Now I just have to wait for the prices to fall on the CBx to pick one up. I had a terrible case of the yips.


RomeoPapaZulu 8 months ago. HardcoreLooper 8 months ago. When will we see the mallets tested? I had to get one from the Cobra rep to test but can confirm the ball comes off like a bullet. The best utility irons of have been announced! We all have a friend who can barely scrape a good round together yet is consistently several putting strokes less every time you play. Still have it even though I believe the true roll was broken on the initial batches I.

At least the top 4 or 5 in each category. However, the Titleist has slightly golfspj accuracy off the tee, and has considerably more spin off the wedge.

MK 1 month ago. Having both quantitative and qualitative data is a good move, in my opinion. Always a grind to do it better…bigger grind still to ensure everyone understands it. I think some of the clubs are designed for low penetrating ball flight and that is a maybe what you want depending on the course you play. Tyson 1 month ago.

Golf’s Most Wanted

No matter what the statistics or numbers say. Over the past 15 years since I have been below that number every season, currently I am at I love personal feed back.

It really helps me clear the putter easier with no restriction as I hit the ball and into the upswing.

What it is is that the 5 footers end up being almost a wash almost irrelevant? Ted Ebert 8 months ago.


For those of us with some background in statistics, it might be nice to see some more transparency into the methods. TMAG had putters made up, all Spiders, identical in all wanter, except for the paint job and sight lines.

And most of us amateurs have good days followed by bad days. DJ was in Carlsbad last week. All the school instructors concurred if you want to improve quickly, spend your money on a professional putter fitting. For putters, I think it boils down to what putter gives you the most confidence.

J-Full 8 months ago. Half of the test rated it highly for feelmany noting that the higher loft made it easier to launch the ball high. I feel like we need more than just the raw data here.

Now, GM no longer does this, golfepy I always thought this wantted good way of doing things — allow me to focus on whatever matters most for me, and even let me know goltspy issues people had with the club.