The argument can be of any type and will be coerced to a String if necessary. If your dependency management system does not do this, or if you are manually managing the geb-core dependency, be sure to include the geb-implicit-assertions dependency as a compile dependency. There are multiple flavours of the withFrame method, but for all of them the last closure parameter is executed in the context of a frame specified by the first parameter, and after the execution the page is restored to what it was before the call:. If I find myself wanting to call a feature method, I would rather look at abstracting out the bits of that feature method into a helper method that both classes could rely on. This allows you to automate a browser running on another machine! However, the page property is rarely accessed directly.

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The Page Object pattern The Page Object Pattern gives us a common sense way to model content in a reusable and maintainable way.

See the section on listening to reporting for details. If both script and class are not found Geb will continue using all defaults.

To match the entire value of an attribute or the text you use a String value.

All reporters are implementations of the Reporter interface. We can also access the cart items using subscript operator together with an index or a range of indexes: Keep in mind that you can use parametrized module instances to create lists of modules for repeating content:.


A Browser instance interacts with an actual browser via an instance of WebDriver.

Wait for up to 10 seconds, waiting half a second in between retries. Page objects discussed further shortly can define a url that will be used when explicitly navigating to that webdrkver. This allow page changes to be specified at the same time as click actions. So the following code: Within that directory, create webbdriver file called WeightPage. Here’s what a simple Geb script to log into an admin section of a website might look like Support for using page instances with Navigator.

The Browser object itself is available as the browser property. Waiting content The same implicit assertion semantics apply to content definitions that are waiting.

Geb – Very Groovy Browser Automation

Here we are using a module to model a link that can be shown as selected. You can prevent this error from happening by configuring a wait timeout to use when the driver is locating the root HTML element, using:.

Added quit and close methods to browser that delegate to the underlying driver instance. Configuration The browser instance is created by the testing integrations. WaitTimeoutException instead of AssertionError.

Thankfully, Geb makes working with them groovier thanks to the withFrame method which is available on BrowserPage and Module instances.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Using withNoConfirm prevents this. Radio Radio values are set by assigning the value of the radio button that is to be selected or the label text associated with a radio button.


Add ability to unwrap modules returned from content dsl to their original type. This will be used by tasks that open a SauceConnect tunnel before running the generated test tasks which means that the browsers in the cloud will have localhost pointing at the machine running the build.

The Book Of Geb

The jQuery integration only works when the pages you are working with include jQuery, Geb does not install it in the page for you. See the linked API doc for the details of the specific system properties it looks for. See the section on the base url for notes about URLs and slashes. See the section on wait configuration for how to change the default values and webdrkver presets. Migrated continuous integration build to Snap CI.

Sep 3, at 3: As you can see, this is much more informative than the at method simply returning false.

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Reporting listeners are of type ReportingListener can be specified as wedbriver of the config….