One day we will upgrade but its fine for now. To connect wirelessly to your new router please use one of the following sets of instructions: Jan So far so good! Apr Simple and has a good range. The signal that it provides is more than adequate for our living space and it wasn’t too difficult to set up from the box all instructions provided. It’s reliable and will last.

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It’s worked well in my household for a few years with no issues. I am going to buy a new one but the same brand as it is cheap price and working reasonably good. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Now click on Security on the dyhalink, select the options below and enter your desired wireless network password in the Pre-Shared Key field.

This router has an amazing range. Aside from that, I can’t fault this product and if I had to get a new modem-router for any reason, I’d buy one synalink these again in a heartbeat. Very Serviceable Modem Router. I have moved my house and was getting a bad reception of wifi and asked my internet provider why it is happening.


The modem has antennas and looks a bit old-fashioned. Jan Good unit. If you put a tick in ‘Remember my password’ then your computer should remember the information. I dunalink started using this for a week now.

I got it to replace my TPLink modem-router, which stopped working after about 9 months’ use. Sep Simple router works just fine. I have not had problems sharing two connections via Wireless only so far. I purchased this modem because it was reasonably priced and I was advised it was easy to install compared to others. Leave all settings as the default options quickly confirm they are the same as below and click Next. Dec Value for money. This is a cheap and basic router and its fine for our needs fr now.

Dynalink RTA1320 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Randomly bought this years ago – Still running strong. We have had this for years but it still works fine. Will never touch a dynalink product again! It is a really good modem and dnyalink let me down, It is always on and never stopped working. Apr Still works fine. This Netgear modem was easy to install and we connected all the devices via wi-fi.


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Dynalink RTA ADSL2+ Modem Router – HaQues Project Blog

Can this netgear n modem router connect to bigpond adsl broadband? I can highly recommend it to anyone having coverage problems in their house. Have also had troubles with samsung phones – We find just a restart of the modem dynnalink to fix it every time Norro replied on Nov 25, It works on Mac computers.

I just followed the quick set up guide that the modem came with and set it up within minutes. This Netgear modem was purchased because I wanted to connect more devices via wifi and was looking for a good solution. One day we will upgrade but its fine for now.

Its pretty stable and I only occasionally reset it not sure if it does anything. For now wits quite adequate. Apr Simple and has a good range.

It’s reliable and will last.