Let Compaq and Oracle point you toward faster, easier ways to manage your business. What capacity hard drives do you want installed? You choose your attendees from a point and click list. The measuring values are displayed in hex format and must be converted into decimals; see the Profibus instruction manual on page 7 on CompactConnect Software CD. And for that reason, com- panies building such structures often end up with something quite unlike the pristine model described above. Vendors could still put their own stamp on these interfaces with Hypertext Markup Language HTML , and it could cut down on time to market because they won’t have to use so many resources on developing graphical front ends. With Visual Basic, he designed one of the key tools for design- ing new software.

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The software also helps users manage sales leads derived from the Home page.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Sun has implemented a “sand- box” security scheme in Java, which prevents applets from making calls to an operating system, such as writing data to disk. Each channel s cctl can be selected for either.

Borland will ship a bit upgrade to the single-user Desktop version of Delphi at the same time. Having overlapping windows, scroll bars, pull-down menus, and so on was won- derful. This week, we’ll look at a few 7t the most handy features you can use after you’ve installed these tools.


See related story, this page. Other first-tier manufac- turers are working on MHz Pentium systems with This would not be ctp prob- lem for sites where a browser is em- ployed locally and doesn’t actually connect users to the Internet.

For this the CompactConnect software is required Visual Tcl These alarms will cause a change of color of the LCD display and will also change the status of the optional relays interface. Suitable for detecting human bodies in hazardous area.

Computer Technology Link monitors VESA compatibility | Ergomart

Take additional precautions for safety and damage dtl for safety-related applications. Introducing Xircom’s new CreditCard Modem Smart cgl range with display CD12 Smart Part number Highly visible blue LCD with 4 lines of 18 characters and configurable backlighting Allow the use of the entire library of specific functions.

Autodesk hopes a successful release of a native Windows 95 version will reverse the declining AutoCAD unit shipments reported by CAD industry analysts.

Eugen-Adolff-StrasseD More information.

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The company plans to introduce two Extensas, including one mid- range model with features similar to the current TravelMate and a 3-pound model with a full-size key- board and an 1 1 -inch screen. Let the revolution begin. Also announced at Comdex last week: Nye said products such as Pro- teon Inc. Merlin will also ship with an OpenDoc applet called Spoken Doc that will provide speech recognition capabilities, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

Instruction Manual CTL CTLF CTLG CTLM-1 CTLM-2 CTLM-3

I’ve already explained TweakUI, a Control Panel applet that lets you remove some “default” icons from your Desktop, replace the “shortcut ‘ arrows on shortcuts, and do other nifty tricks. Call now or contact us at http: The system is also being posi- tioned as a low-cost alternative to chl terminals.


For information on how to get back issues, see Reader Services, page The upcoming device fits in Gerstner’s vision of network-cen- tric computing, the theme of his Comdex speech. View the World Wide Web at full size! The routing system ct Point to Point Protocol as fast as Tl speeds and features point-and- click installation on Windows NT servers.

And we’re both agreeing with Democ- rats in and around the White House.

The Compaq LTE 5 0 0 0. Xircom The Mobile Networking Experts. So call us at for the facts about our complete family of remote and network access products and all the support that goes with them.

Select Analog on the main menu and then No Title, and suddenly your clock is floating in space in a perfectly round shape. The companies said that IBM will continue to contribute money to that development effort and that ScriptX will remain compatible across both platforms, but the idea of creating a joint multimedia stan- dard for the industry is largely dead, sources said.

Cross-beam scanning system to detect slim objects.