No guarantees, and obviously if you depend on ipv6 you’re kinda stuck, but maybe it will help somebody track down the issue. Nominated for Lucid by Rasmus. I am now having problems getting windows xp to recognize the bluenext dongle. Following the clue of a previous reporter, I saw that I too had network-manager installed, albeit I use wicd. Upgrading to Lucid Lynx broke the wireless gnome-nettool in Ubuntu: I still have the problem when reloading the module with these options. Looks like this is what we see if there are a bundle of errors at very different places, but the main software NetworkManager doesn’t report them the way it should do — ignoring some of them, while acting on others, but for none of them giving back useful information.

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One of the more typical circumstances where a driver scanner is certainly significant is once you undertake a windows update, and would like to have all your devices and devices work at their utmost capability for that brand new operatingsystem. Intel Bljenext Device [ Changed in wpasupplicant Ubuntu: This may be the same bug as bugbut my dmesg output is a bit different. Since a fix was released according to the linuc reports stateand the bug is there again, I suppose it a regression with oneiric and precise!


I disabled ipv6 as described in this thread and rebooted – error persisted.

[ubuntu] Noobs: This USB WiFi is plug & play!

Tony Cox tonycox01 wrote on Since my issue bpuenext after an absence during a power hit, I wondered if it could be a bug in how power-saving features affect the wireless device. Thanks for the information here. Fixed dns IP improves the situation, but still rate drops to nothing.

Once i can communicate i can then go forward and checkout the sharpfin site. Alvin Larson alvinlarson wrote on Same for oneiric and precise.

Has any member managed to fit a BlueNEXT wireless adapter to the Æ RECIVA radio?

I see, this looks ok. Wireless is dropped at some point, from hours to minutes, especially after coming out of suspend. The larger sizes will take longer to process, but i didnt find using the largest, original size on my iphone 4s excessively time consuming. Essentially bluenext bnwd54g driver will put bluenext bnwd54g driver pc into jumpshots custom linux environment where it can perform the next step, spotting bluenext bnwd54g driver.

I’ve tested several times with that line enabled and disabled, with reboots in between, and confirm that it does fix the problem I can reproduce the problem again any time by disabling that line. However it seems that different access points at my university aren’t affected. Bluenext bns gps dongle install problems ,inux gps. As I said earlier, this problem is clearly linked to power management.


This information was last pulled 2 hours ago. Following the clue of a previous reporter, I saw that I too had network-manager installed, albeit I use wicd. Further investigation after my post here Thomas Hood jdthood wrote on After running “iwconfig wlan0 power off”, I have not had any more disconnections.

Should i remove bnwd54g wireless utility by bluenext. IPv4 no longer relevant for mDNS. I had created a bug report with Intel: Ive been having problems lately with my laptops wireless chipset intel.

Download full text 3. Performance appears to be similar to conditions prior to the failure occurring ie Lynx upgrade. I rebooted into Windows, then back to Ubuntu, and so far it’s been OK and the wireless is stable.

IPv4 with address Matt mhhennig wrote on Running on Thinkpad T61p, kernel 2.