Gavin Duff – 1 year ago. BrettB Golf – 1 year ago. Perhaps, what kind of clubs to get, when they should consider fitting, when they should consider lessons, and what clubs and training tools they should keep in their bag. LB – 1 year ago. Then the look is also important to me. Use to change clubs every couple years.

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I have never had a new set of irons. Alpha Reaction cc, in an xxstif shaft is still the best driver I’ve ever hit. Tony Hansson – 1 year ago. All the top brands over priced. Brad Morris – 1 year ago. Did you test that and how did compare for this category?

Benross Golf Club Head Covers | eBay

Dante Martin – 1 year ago. I’ve found two clubs out of the bargin bin I still play.

Cleveland hb classics 2 for 7 bucks. Hayden Lloyd – 9 months ago. For more on World Long Drive, visit Nick Furness – 1 year ago. Then just wait a couple of months and what was new is now old and available at deep discount.


Alex Covington – 1 year ago. Found a very old, but unmarked Calloway Diablo.

Today’s Golfer

I had tested Mizuno, Titelist, and Ping and settled on the Ping because I liked the way they felt and the strike I achieved. There’s companies out there making new persimmon clubs, a video to see how they perform would be cool!

Ollie Williams – 1 year ago. Austin Matuszewski – 1 year ago. I am taking lessons currently and my instructor says I would benefit by changing out the original steel shafts to a newer product, perhaps graphite. Like MB,MBs, is there a difference and how much of one if you have the right shaft? John Ray – 1 year ago. I still hit an old Nike covert driver better than a or titlest driver.

Thanks for putting this video together Rick!! Correction was the Callaway Apex forged not the pro version. Have you found any bargains? Keep up the good work rick.

Benross V10 Trimass Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

TexasTalk – 1 year ago. Tony Westwell – 1 year ago. And my irons were 2 yrs old but still in the box. When I eventually bought my new bb epic sub zero it was because of the experience of the alpha that I looked Calloway first and ended up picking the sub zero over the regular epic. I shopped carefully and found clubs in really great shape, some of them looked pretty much brand new. No brainer for the average working man.


Good golf pride grip. I had never wanted to drop the money for new irons because I do not play often enough to justify it, but after watching your various videos, I decided to go the second hand route.