Even though exclusively plastic components are used for the case, it appears to be very qualitative. The Aspire G from Acer already offers an attractive configuration on the device itself. The subwoofer only provided a mediocre service. Please, switch off ad blockers. In the test a noticeable benefit of the Crossfire solution from ATI was seen, after all.

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Already at first sight, a throughout very generous connectivity is noticed in consideration of the low starting price of approx.

The display of the G didn’t present a convincing performance in consideration of the stable viewing angle. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of In consideration of performance, the processors from AMD might just be placed behind the equally clocked Intel chips, but for simple tasks this is unimportant.

The fan starts up awpire a short time, though, making the notebook very perceptible. The notebook could fully convince in consideration of its port configuration. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. With this, it is in the center span of comparable models.

The notebook has to be described as unpleasantly loud in this condition. The surface can be described as being thoroughly gliding-eager. The same applies to the display lid, which gives away somewhat under pressure and then show image distortions in the display.

In the scope of the conducted measurements with the Mavo Monitor Brightness Indicator, the stated brightness values couldn’t quite be confirmed.


The AcerAspire GG32Bi positions itself as a low-priced multimedia starting device which tries to distinguish itself from the mass-market of possible competitors in this league, with its extensive connectivity, the integrated Blu-Ray drive and not last but least the Crossfire graphic solution.

AMD has always played it closer to the lower end of the budget spectrum, offering decent performance at a competitive price, and this is continued in the Acer Aspire G.

Acer Aspire 5530 Motherboards

Headphones, microphones, line-in, Card Reader: Even if the idea of two graphic cards in one notebook was primarily reserved for high performance bolides, gradually you find models with a dual graphic solution in low priced starting devices.

It serves also as a design element of the notebook. Unfortunately, the fan only stays deactivated for a few seconds after turning on the device. A considerable decrease has to be awaited when playing Blu-Ray because the decoding of HD data has a greater deal of computing complexity and a significantly higher power consumption due to this. Acer Swift 5 SF It’s probably one of our main grouse that AMD has yet to catch up with Intel since the good ol’ days where they stood toe to toe with its competitor.

Practically, this will stay within a limit due to the fact that the notebook weighs a bit under 3 kilograms plus half a kilogram for the necessary power supply.

Acer Aspire 5530G

Loudspeakers If you follow the official statements from Acer, the Aspire G should almost be capable of replacing a hi-fi system: Included is, for instance, the Gigabit Ethernet from Broadcom and a The display hinges seemed almost undersized but they held the display of 5530g test device quite acceptably in place.


We tested the practical gaming performance of the Aspire G with the 55300g shooter “Call of Duty 4”. In regards to warranty, Acer offers a total of 24 months guarantee — which isn’t necessarily a matter of course in this price category.

The single ports are distributed almost completely around the whole device, whereas the majority is concentrated on the left side. The advantage is far smaller, in the best case approx. A similar result is seen on the bottom side of the device. The touchpad shows an especially generous operating surface with a specifically marked scrolling field.

At a price of approx. The offered 550g portwhich is very unusual for consumer notebooks in this price category, surprised us in a very positive way.

Review Acer Aspire G Notebook – Reviews

It was a bit surprising 5350g the system was fitted with merely a 32 bit operating system Windows Home Premium. The attempt to establish the exciting Crossfire graphic solutions even in starter devices. We could ascertain problems in the area of the bottom side of the case-tray in the test.

This also applies for the offered resolution in WXGA format.