I cut out some pieces of this sheet rubber and cemented them to the backs and sides of the horn. Another thing to consider are other nice Altec drivers as well. The other day, I sneezed rather loudly a few feet from one. I will end up using three cans of this stuff. It’s all up from here.

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How good is the Altec B horn alteec to todays tweeters. Years ago I built my speakers to flank my fireplace. Posted March 13, Upgrade horns for Cornwalls?

The horn isn’t a ‘tweeter’ by a long shot. I really love the sound of As, and there are still a number of them out there on the used market.

From what I understand the A’s are rated for less power that the B and T versions which have loading caps to limit excursion and protect it. Why not bump it up a bit, stretch the midrange driver out to 8 or 9kHz, and then let the tweeter add the 511b. Then the real fun will begin.

Damping the Altec B horn – Technical/Modifications – The Klipsch Audio Community

Loud is Beautiful if it’s Clean! Dan, one of the primary advantages of the horns and larger format drivers such as the e. Anyway, there are two of us at least with horns of Damocles!


Oh yeah, the shipment update is that I’ll be getting the adapters Monday and the horns Tuesday. The transitions are essentially seamless.

Amazing, cheap Altec b/B $4 mod | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Turn up the volume and you will hear it. I was wondering how they compared to Al’s Trachorns. Another horn that wouldbe fun to try with the larger formats not sure they will fit though is the Eighteen Sound XT I am hoping these damped horns work out since it is not all that convenient to remove them from the cabinet while the cabinet is in the vertical position.

Will they sound better to any ears? Sign up for a new account in our community.

Thanks for the comments on the Belles’ appearance. The walked all over the K77s I had.

Amazing, cheap Altec 511b/811B $4 mod

Sign In Sign Up. Results 1 to 10 of How good is the Altec B horn compared to todays tweet. He was more than happy to swap them out for a Pass BoZ preamp. I finished painting the speaker cabinets I was building all winter.


Depends on your listening habits, budget taste, and the room it’s in. Since I started with the extreme slope mod first, the improvements in mid horns and tweeter assemblies were probably easier to discern.

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I had about three hours of listening yesterday and played about 6 different genres of music and loved everything I heard. Putting putty on the entire throat and body of the horn did pretty much nothing for it. Dispersion alted a two-edged sword; the sound radiated over a wider angle will cause more room reflections and hurt clarity. Log in or Sign up.

I have included a photo of the right side. I’ve almost bought one of them a couple of times. Handling high power is a priority, but reproducing voices is at the top of my list. From what I gather here, there seems to be no need to qltec the outside surfaces behind the front plate, eg the body of the horn in back.