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Really cool that there are some people who can actually “do” things like PJ For more information about this wonderful project visit the website. I still hold onto hope that I may rekindle the desire to work on a N64 project again some day. Analogue input detected will be described as “Joy Found a link to this from a post on reddit.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

It gives me the possibility to experience an important part of my childhood again my old NController’s stick is donei think that many people feel this way about it.

Joined May 26, Messages 5, Reis3n Amazing work, i have been using this emulator since and even today gives me amazing moments with my family playing classics like b1.0 kong racing and mario party. Do you have the driver installed? I can’t wait to try out your new plugins on Project 64k’s online play.


Derek Just install it for plugn sake reply.

Anyone screaming for open source has plenty of other existing plugins to choose from if they want to get involved with development. C adn the cheats will pop up select the cheats yoy want see if that would help reply.

Click click click and done. William 55 I think you have done a great job for the video adaptois on the project64 emulator. I’ve heard a lot of responses with the similair problem which has this kind of answer Zane “It’s a windows installer patch, don’t like that? Try configuring the controller, or make sure that N-rage is set to the controller, and not to “none”.

Sorry for my bad English. This is a quote from the Project64 user manual: Because if I remember right it didnt work good at all on the 1. I have an old copy of 1.

N64 Plugins Pack ReadMe

GingerbreadMan 26 Just to add, that I think it might be a long-shot asking you. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


However with Perfect Dark, I also get a nearly constant 60fps, but occasionally it ‘throttles’ down to 30fps, which, strangely, can be fixed by switching weapons. There is no real archive on the internet with the latest plugins. Would be nice to know what other things you do plugij. Yoshistar95 70 Maybe you should update your graphic card.

It expects a level of precision from the RSP that currently no interpreter, let alone Recompiler can handle reply. That being said it might be sometime before I b1.0 a Windows 10 machine to do testing or development with. BarkinDarkin This is great, was so much better then 2.

Turtle I meant to say “what I’m trying to say”. This control is probably easiest to understand by experimentation. Find all posts by Alunalun. This site uses pluvin.